Used Vans in Dover, DE

Achieve More with Your Used Van from the Truck Store Dover

Do you have a longing for adventure but don't have the right vehicle for the job? At Truck Store Dover, we carry all different kinds of used vans to give you all the space you need and more.  You'll be shocked to find what opportunities you have when you step inside any used van from our favorite brands.

Deciding between Chevrolet, Ford or Ram vans can be quite challenging if you don't know what you're looking for.  We can help you find exactly what you want for whether you're looking to go cross country in your used van or use it for a job around Dover.  Think about all the possibilities.

Used Chevrolet Vans

You can customize your Chevrolet van to the exact way you always imagined your van to be.  There are different configurations to your seating and your cargo space where you have the luxury to make it how you want.  Not only can you make space for inside, but you can also tow, however much you want.  These vans are powerful and resourceful and ready for an adventure.

Chevrolet Express Passenger Van: This large and versatile van can seat up to 12 or 15 passengers.  You can rearrange the seating depending on if you need to drive a lot of people around Smyrna or take a bunch of passengers to the airport.  No matter what you need the Express Passenger van for you can make it how you want.

Chevrolet Express Cargo Van: If you're looking for a vehicle to help start a business or help at other job sites, the Express Cargo van is the perfect fit for you.  With a full-frame design, plenty of cargo space and powerful engine you can count on this van to get the job done.

Used Ram Vans

It's essential to have the right van when you're starting to think about doing your own business.  Ram vans are a great way to accomplish projects or ideas you've had for a while.  Whether you want to start up your own window cleaning company or use it for advertising a business, then this van is the right choice for you.

Ram Promaster: If you're looking for outstanding cargo capacity and easy access for all your transporting needs, the Ram Promaster is the right vehicle.  You can get any job done well because this van offers excellent versatility no matter where your job takes you.

Ram Promaster City: Looking for something on the smaller side? If you want a more efficient and personal van, then Promaster City is an excellent choice for around Newark. More comfortable to maneuver around towns and cities this is an excellent size for smaller jobs.

Used Ford Vans:

Ford vans are all about making your work more efficient and productive.  You can get everything done on the job or instead use your van to travel and set out on any given journey.

Ford Transit Connect: With its compact size and maneuverability, the Transit Connect Cargo Van is ready for anything.  Take it across the country with your dog or go around Camden working on sites.  This van can fit in tight spaces helping you get wherever you're going be as easy as possible - Park with no problems and with all confidence when you step foot inside.

Ford Transit: Are you looking for a versatile van? You can seat either two, five or even fourteen people in the Transit van.  This van can fit your active lifestyle by piling everything important to you in one vehicle.

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